SHORTS: Crew & Team Member Manifesto

post_thumbThis is my first Manifesto. I hate the idea of a manifesto, but I was really forced to do one. You know why? Because of my team members. Have you ever had the experience that you hired a guy, lets say a PA, an assistant, Gaffer, DP, you name it and they were late, they talked too much or – better yet – they chatted up your client and exchanged business cards? Now, I’m a shy person and I don’t like confrontation. I really have a hard time to tell my team members what is bothering me. So, I needed to come up with a solution: EntreFilmmaker’s Team Member Manifesto.

This episode is really for everyone YOU’ll hire. If you have had the same experience, then this video is for everyone who wants to condition their team to have good behavior from the start of a business relationship. Just send them this video and you are set on set.
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Q&A: How To Change Your Filmmaking Style Without Losing Your Clients

post_thumbToday’s question comes from Anna Newman. She asks: How do you bring your old audience to your new work? I have this audience that I have established with past films and now I’m doing “new” films and I want that audience be involved with those. My new films are different. Stylistically, the content. What can I do to move my old audience over to my new stuff? You can find her at

SHORTS: How To Get Your Wasted Time Back With The Click of a Button

post_thumbDo you you have goals? Are you an over achiever? Are you working overtime on your career? One of my biggest challenges is not having enough time for all the things that I want to do. I have a family with 4 kids, running a film production company, I blog, podcast and serve G-d. Now the problem is that I try to optimize my time as best as I can. Really. I shave off every unnecessary item in my life. But more often then not I’m bugged with all the tedious repetitive minute tasks like replying to the same questions that I get in emails and the associated tasks with it. Tell me honestly, how often do you wish you could just press a button and you would be done with the “busy” work that gets thrown at you on a daily basis?
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EF007: How To Get Profitable Clients With “Super-Niching” [Podcast]

Since I started EntreFilmmaker a few months ago, so many filmmakers and video pros write me over and over again how they are either frantically looking for work, or are simply out of business. They say they have to work side jobs like waiting tables or at working at Walmart for minimum wage. I’m not kidding you. This really pains me because I think since the social media explosion, the need for video has trippled. No video person in this day and age should be out of work.So, how can it be that people don’t make ends meet in such a lucrative market like film and video production?


Thomas and I are getting ready for a King – Fu fight.

In this EntreFilmmaker MasterSeries Episode I got all the cool hacks from one of the top super – niche filmmakers. In this video he will walk us through his process in finding a moneymaking super – niche. He shares where to find the most lucrative clients and how to get them to choose you as their go-to person for all their video advertising needs.

His super – niche is so “thin” that he has virtually no competition in making multiple 6-figures. Wouldn’t it be cool if you would work on projects with budgets that make challenging and fun film production possible?

Let’s do this.
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EF006: How To Distribute Your Film Successfully Using Ninja Distribution [Podcast]

Are you making a film right now? Or did you already produce one? Did you get it distributed or does it still hang out on the shelves and collect dust? This can be a super frustrating situation: You spent so much time and money getting your film made, and now it’s sitting there and collecting dust. One of the biggest issues in our filmmaking community is that we produce films with passion, but only a very small percentage of movies actually gets distributed, let alone makes money.


Jason and I have a blast :)

Today’s guest gives us amazing insights on how to work around and work WITH the film distribution system. We go into detail on how you can be better prepared, make smarter choices and leave your competition behind when it comes to successful film distribution.