How To Get An Unlimited Return Policy For Your Film & Photo Equipment

post_thumbYou and I are probably one way or another equipment nerds, right? We search for the greatest and best video and film equipment gear. Spend hours to first find the right camera, lens, hard drive and then we spend another couple hours to find the best deal.

Truth is, often a piece of equipment looks great on paper and even might have great reviews, but there is nothing close to holding the item and using it in a professional settings. A lot of stuff can be discovered on your first few shoots, but other problems can only be discovered once you have been shooting a bit or a specific situation occurs that doesn’t always happen at every shoot. (See Exhibit A below the fold.)

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How To Use 6-Figure Body Language

post_thumbWe as filmmakers and video pros have to hustle a lot in order to get great projects. And, great projects usually cost a lot of money. Whether you are going out to raise funds or you have to convince clients to entrust you with an expensive video project, it’s important that you have the skill and knowledge on how to talk to people and convince them to entrust you with these big projects and budgets. Read more..

How To Save $ Thousands When Traveling Internationally For A Shoot

post_thumbI travel about five times a year to foreign countries for my film projects. And as a filmmaker I always want to bring my own gear that I’m so accustomed to. The problem is, if you travel internationally with your equipment that is worth $25,000, you can be penalized up to $7,500 in customs fees, taxes and penalties by crossing from one country to another.
Even if you would bring all your sales receipts with you in order to prove your purchases, you still have a good chance of paying fees if you don’t show the customs officers what they need to see.

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How to Create A Killer Client Presentation

post_thumbWe, as film and video producers, have to show potential clients what we and our work is all about, right? That way they will know what we have to offer.  There are many ways to present ourselves: websites, portfolio, DVD, PDF and Keynote presentations. But what is the right one? And what do they all have in common? I want to break down and share with you what makes a good presentation and what to look out for. Because, if you mess up your presentation, even though you might be the right fit for the big budget film project, you will not pass this first “door” to get your foot in.

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