EF 005: How To Attract The Right Clients Online [Podcast]

EF_investing_in_4kI was approached a few months ago by Steve Washer from videotoday.biz. He wanted to interview me because he found my story online and was fascinated about our coming to the USA in 2010 and then starting a successful video production business from scratch in a  short period of time. But… I felt a bit uncomfortable to talk so much about myself. So, I needed a way out because my mantra always has been to add the best value possible for other people, and talking about oneself is not always conducive to this. I flipped through my EF emails, and the one question that came up repeatedly was how to get the RIGHT clients in today’s internet world. So, I proposed  that I would talk just a bit about myself but would primarily make it a kind of masterclass sharing with you my best strategies how we got our best and most profitable gigs. I walk you through which tools we employ, and what pitfalls to avoid. I think this kind of masterclass is actually not just for filmmakers; it’s for freelancers, business owners, marketing directors at nonprofits… just everyone out there who is in todays business world. 

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EF 004: How To Start A Media Production Company From Scratch [Podcast]

You know, I was following Brian for over 8 years. The first time I noticed Brian when he was featured at the Apple Final Cut media page with his company MediaStorm. Apple chose him because of his enormous creativity in telling a story with photography, video and audio. It’s not really news or magazine coverage but rather under published topics in a tremendous visual and sonic artistic style.
When I started my interview series here at EntreFilmmaker he was amongst my top three people that I wanted to interview and finally we got to meet and I got the privilege to ask him all those questions that have been piled up over those many years. Honestly, when I grow up I want to be a Brian Storm or having build a company like he did :)

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EF 003: How To Get To Hollywood as a Film Pro [Podcast]

EF_investing_in_4kMany asked me how to get to the next level and I want to know this myself. Hollywood is kind of the holy grail and every filmmakers secret dream. But how do you get there?
In today’s episode I have a very special guest on my show. His name is Daniel Kaufman, he is a Hollywood commercial director and has directed over 400 commercials with clients like Budweiser, Walmart, xBox, NFL, Ikea, Mattel, McDonalds. The list is endless. He will share with us what it takes to get to Hollywood, what strategies to employ for the fastest way to the top, he is talking about if you need to be born as a director or can you learn it? He walks us through what kind of qualities someone needs in order to break in into the film industry, what career killers to avoid.

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EF 002: How I Failed As a Filmmaker & 7 Tricks How I Could Have Prevented It [Podcast]

EF_investing_in_4kWow, I’m writing this second post with shaking hands. We just got accepted through iTunes and now it’s really real. EntreFilmmaker Podcast “Live Your Dream” is now happening, and I’m so excited to pump out all the content that we have planned for you.

I made my first film a little over two years ago. (I’ve been making commercials and promos for years, but this was my first short feature.) We were hired by a private person who wanted to produce a film for his cause and interest. He knew us from our work with non-profits, and he was eager to make a short 30-minute TV pilot.

Now, as exciting this whole endeavor was, it obviously comes with a price tag. It was our first kind of feature short film. So, the whole process was different from producing commercials and image films. In this episode I want to walk you through the ups and downs about our first production of this kind. As you might know by now, I believe very much in failing forward. I kind of see this project as a failure from my point of view. But it was a failure that was necessary in order to move on to the next step.

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EF 001: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Film & Video Career Today [Podcast]

EF_investing_in_4kMan, this is our first Podcast episode. I’m so stocked. This is after the video posts our second building block of the EntreFilmmaker platform: Podcasts. In this episode of “Live Your Dream” my wife Margelit and I discuss and share with you why now is the best time to get into the video and filmmaking business ever. You know, many think that the market is already over saturated, video gear is more affordable then ever and that brings a lot of people flooding into the video and film production market. Production budgets have never been lower then today. TV is seeing it’s viewers dwindling. But the internet opens new doors and opportunities. We’ll share with you how you can make all of that to your advantage and get started today.

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