How To Sell Your Used Video & Photo Gear Profitably

As you know from my most recent posts and emails, I’ve been buying a bunch of new equipment lately. When I purchase new equipment, a good rule of thumb is to get rid of an older piece we no longer plan on using, right? Otherwise, we’re just collecting gear that just collects dust. And gear that isn’t being used is just money sitting around. So how should we go about it to sell it on the used market? Ebay? Craigslist? Which one yields more profits?

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Why FCPX Slays and Adobe Premiere Stinks

Got an email from a former colleague considering switching from Premiere to FCP:

Hi Shmuley,

Do you have a few minutes to schmooze on your thoughts/experiences about switching from Premiere to FCP? When it first came out, I remember all the editors I knew who were trained on FCP Studio were livid, but I’ve heard things have changed over the years, and your work is lovely.

Thanks so much,


Here was my response:
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How To Get An Unlimited Return Policy For Your Film & Photo Equipment

post_thumbYou and I are probably one way or another equipment nerds, right? We search for the greatest and best video and film equipment gear. Spend hours to first find the right camera, lens, hard drive and then we spend another couple hours to find the best deal.

Truth is, often a piece of equipment looks great on paper and even might have great reviews, but there is nothing close to holding the item and using it in a professional settings. A lot of stuff can be discovered on your first few shoots, but other problems can only be discovered once you have been shooting a bit or a specific situation occurs that doesn’t always happen at every shoot. (See Exhibit A below the fold.)

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How To Use 6-Figure Body Language

post_thumbWe as filmmakers and video pros have to hustle a lot in order to get great projects. And, great projects usually cost a lot of money. Whether you are going out to raise funds or you have to convince clients to entrust you with an expensive video project, it’s important that you have the skill and knowledge on how to talk to people and convince them to entrust you with these big projects and budgets. Read more..