SHORTS: How To Price Yourself Right & Not Lose $1000 Every Time

Have you ever asked yourself how to price yourself right?
Do you feel that you should get paid better for the amazing work
you do?
Does talking with your clients about budgets and money makes
you feel uncomfortable?

In this video post I address two of the most important concerns
that freelance people in the video and film industry have:

How do I price my services right and not lose constantly $1000 or more?
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SHORTS: Should You Invest Into 4K As a Filmmaker?

EF_investing_in_4kMan, I can’t wait to jump to the next big thing. And it seems to me that 4K is the next big thing. Not only is it a bigger image it’s also much sharper and contains obviously more details then regular HD. But with the quality comes a price as well. You have to purchase new gear that captures and processes 4K. The gear has to be fast and speedy and this can cost you thousands of $$$. Now, the question is always: When should you jump on in to the next thing? It can be a good idea to be an early adopter and grab some more marketshare if you’re one of the first to offer 4K in your niche. On the other hand when do you know it is too early to make the move? You might lose a lot of money by prematurely investing into the new system just to find out in a few years – when 4K is more established and widely adopted – that what you bought is either not the right thing or so outdated that you have to replace everything once again.

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SHORTS: How To Double Your Film Business with 3rd Party ValidationPart 2

EF_investing_in_4kMost film & video pros miss really out on this opportunity. If you do not use this trick you probably loose out on half or your potential projects that come your way. You know, when we are looking to buy something we are looking what other people say about the product or service that we are about to purchase. The same happens when clients are looking forward to work with you, wether you are a DP, producer, editor, make up artist anyone servicing the film and video industry. But most of us don’t use this trick to eliminate buying and hiring hesitation. And I get this because when clients hire production companies or talents it is an investment that no none wants to loose. Especially when hired the first time.

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EF 005: How To Attract The Right Clients Online [Podcast]

EF_investing_in_4kI was approached a few months ago by Steve Washer from He wanted to interview me because he found my story online and was fascinated about our coming to the USA in 2010 and then starting a successful video production business from scratch in a  short period of time. But… I felt a bit uncomfortable to talk so much about myself. So, I needed a way out because my mantra always has been to add the best value possible for other people, and talking about oneself is not always conducive to this. I flipped through my EF emails, and the one question that came up repeatedly was how to get the RIGHT clients in today’s internet world. So, I proposed  that I would talk just a bit about myself but would primarily make it a kind of masterclass sharing with you my best strategies how we got our best and most profitable gigs. I walk you through which tools we employ, and what pitfalls to avoid. I think this kind of masterclass is actually not just for filmmakers; it’s for freelancers, business owners, marketing directors at nonprofits… just everyone out there who is in todays business world. 

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EF 004: How To Start A Media Production Company From Scratch [Podcast]

You know, I was following Brian for over 8 years. The first time I noticed Brian when he was featured at the Apple Final Cut media page with his company MediaStorm. Apple chose him because of his enormous creativity in telling a story with photography, video and audio. It’s not really news or magazine coverage but rather under published topics in a tremendous visual and sonic artistic style.
When I started my interview series here at EntreFilmmaker he was amongst my top three people that I wanted to interview and finally we got to meet and I got the privilege to ask him all those questions that have been piled up over those many years. Honestly, when I grow up I want to be a Brian Storm or having build a company like he did :)

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