​ How To Always Get Free Return Shipping For Your Video & Film Gear


We film folk order a lot of gear, am I right? Our business is directly dependent on the right video equipment purchases. In my last episode I shared with you how you can get an unlimited return policy for you gear purchases. If you missed that post you can go here ​and check out how to do that.

Now, often when you order your equipment from Amazon, or B&H, or Adorama they want you to cover the cost of the return shipping fees in case you don’t like the item you bought or something wasn’t as you expected. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to buy gear safely and also have the ability to return your item without paying the often quite expensive return shipping?

In this episode I’ll show you step by step how you can do exactly that. You’ll always get free return shipping on every order you want to send back.


  • It’s kinda crazy how difficult or painful companies can be if you order directly – but if you order through Amazon then it’s super easy (like you showed) when you receive defective items or items not as described.

    I ordered 2 tripod dolly (wheels) that were supposed to be universal and fit my tripod but totally would work when I received them (design wise wouldn’t fit my fluid video tripod – the legs kept popping out and couldn’t clamp securely).

    Printed the label out on my computer and dropped it off at a UPS store – super easy!

    Definitely encourages you to order even more gear on Amazon versus B&H may have charged return shipping (or shipping both ways) plus a restocking fee etc.

    Stay warm 🙂
    Travis – your video friend in snowy Minnesota 🙂