How To Build The Filmmaker’s Treadmill Desk (For Under $302)

alt019In my last video post I shared with you the study that professionals who sit all day long in their offices will die up to 5 years earlier than regular folks. (Who are regular folks, actually?)

I think that, as filmmakers and video pros, we need to stay super-healthy and fit, right? We maneuver cameras, run around on set, and yell at actors. We need a lot of focus when we have to edit our shows. But sitting all day long will rapidly deteriorate our bodies. Richard Branson says our wealth deteriorates with our health.

Today I want to show you an amazing solution that not only saves you lots of money, but also keeps you fit and healthy.
I would go even so far as to say that it cuts out my extra time that I would have had to spend in the gym.

I know that a lot of people go to the gym. For me this is both unproductive and boring.
So, here is my great solution that brings productivity back to the workout.


If you didn’t get a chance to see the first part of the video, just click on the link below.

Filmmakers Can Die Up To 5 Years Earlier

Now go watch the video. Then when you’re done, tell me about what’s worked for you so far.
How likely is it that you’ll build a set up like this? Am really curious.