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How To Save $ Thousands When Traveling Internationally For A Shoot

post_thumbI travel about five times a year to foreign countries for my film projects. And as a filmmaker I always want to bring my own gear that I’m so accustomed to. The problem is, if you travel internationally with your equipment that is worth $25,000, you can be penalized up to $7,500 in customs fees, taxes and penalties by crossing from one country to another.
Even if you would bring all your sales receipts with you in order to prove your purchases, you still have a good chance of paying fees if you don’t show the customs officers what they need to see.

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How to Create A Killer Client Presentation

post_thumbWe, as film and video producers, have to show potential clients what we and our work is all about, right? That way they will know what we have to offer.  There are many ways to present ourselves: websites, portfolio, DVD, PDF and Keynote presentations. But what is the right one? And what do they all have in common? I want to break down and share with you what makes a good presentation and what to look out for. Because, if you mess up your presentation, even though you might be the right fit for the big budget film project, you will not pass this first “door” to get your foot in.

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In-Depth Review: Sony a7Rii vs. a7S vs Canon 5D Markiii

We are heavily dependent on our film and photographic gear, right?
Having the best camera available is very crucial to our success as
filmmakers and video pros.

The one thing I have been quite upset about is that camera manufacturers
add certain features and leave out others in various camera models so that you keep chasing and buying them and wasting your money.Today I want to whole heartedly announce that those days might be truly over. Canon has abandoned the DSLR video market with horrific small or no relevant upgrades in their DSLR camera line. That makes sense for them because they want your money to sell you the overpriced video cameras.

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Unbiased Gear Review: DJI Ronin M

post_thumbYou know, the holy grail of shooting professionally in general is to create footage that is stunningly lit and the camera movements are smooth and innovative. In the past you had to use gliders, dollies, steadicam and glide cams in order to get those results. When using steadicams it could take up to 10 min. after you changed the lens on your camera to rebalance the rig. After a while I wasn’t using my own steadicam anymore because of this delay. Have you ever had to balance the rig and your crew is staring at you wondering when you are gonna ready to shoot again?

Then about two years ago came out the first electronic stabilizers called MOVI that promised great simplification in use and balancing the rig with the promise of super smooth camera movements. The problem was that it was expensive and the stabilizers were still heavy. Over 10 lbs. for the rig alone. Add camera and lenses and you wish you would still own your steadicam with a supportive vest.

Now, fast forward. DJI just released the brand new
Ronin-M electronic stabilizer. On paper they seem to have accomplished the impossible: a stabilizer that weighs only 5 lbs. but, better yet the whole rig would cost läppische $1400? Including a remote control that lets you operate the camera movement separately? Too good to be true, I thought, and I purchased this thing in order to put it through a rigorous test and assessment for you.
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SHORTS: Crew & Team Member Manifesto

post_thumbThis is my first Manifesto. I hate the idea of a manifesto, but I was really forced to do one. You know why? Because of my team members. Have you ever had the experience that you hired a guy, lets say a PA, an assistant, Gaffer, DP, you name it and they were late, they talked too much or – better yet – they chatted up your client and exchanged business cards? Now, I’m a shy person and I don’t like confrontation. I really have a hard time to tell my team members what is bothering me. So, I needed to come up with a solution: EntreFilmmaker’s Team Member Manifesto.

This episode is really for everyone YOU’ll hire. If you have had the same experience, then this video is for everyone who wants to condition their team to have good behavior from the start of a business relationship. Just send them this video and you are set on set.
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