How to Create A Killer Client Presentation

post_thumbWe, as film and video producers, have to show potential clients what we and our work is all about, right? That way they will know what we have to offer.  There are many ways to present ourselves: websites, portfolio, DVD, PDF and Keynote presentations. But what is the right one? And what do they all have in common? I want to break down and share with you what makes a good presentation and what to look out for. Because, if you mess up your presentation, even though you might be the right fit for the big budget film project, you will not pass this first “door” to get your foot in.

Michael Ney, a video producer from Australia, asked me a question about how he should present himself to potential clients and film project inquiries. Since Michael doesn’t have a website yet, he uses a PDF document with a descriptions of himself, what he does, some work samples, and case studies in order to get potential clients interested in working with him.  In this episode I dissect in detail how to create a winning presentation that makes potentials want to work with you. I’ll walk you through the do’s and don’ts and share with you how to avoid common mistakes that most people make.

I’ve been told by numerous clients that they not only choose our company for our work, but also for the way we present ourselves. After an inquiry and an in-depth conversation, we construct a detailed proposal tailor-made for that client. And we put all that work into it because the results have been fantastic.

These tips are not just valid for PDF presentations only. What I tell you here are tips for your web presence as well. This episode is for everyone who wants to present himself or herself right no matter the platform.