In-Depth Review: Sony a7Rii vs. a7S vs Canon 5D Markiii

We are heavily dependent on our film and photographic gear, right?
Having the best camera available is very crucial to our success as
filmmakers and video pros.

The one thing I have been quite upset about is that camera manufacturers
add certain features and leave out others in various camera models so that you keep chasing and buying them and wasting your money.Today I want to whole heartedly announce that those days might be truly over. Canon has abandoned the DSLR video market with horrific small or no relevant upgrades in their DSLR camera line. That makes sense for them because they want your money to sell you the overpriced video cameras.

Today, I’ll review the Sony a7Rii against the Sony a7S
and I’ll throw the Canon 5D Mark iii in there as well to compare them
against each other.


The Sony a7Rii might be the most surprising DSLR camera for filmmakers currently on the market. I’m not saying that because it produces just incredible images, I’m not just saying that because it is built super strong and is water sealed. It is a game changer because it has everything on board that a DP and camera operator would want.

So, without further ado here is EntreFilmmaker’s first gear review video. Have fun.




  • Why do you think canon has moved away from the indie filmmaker?

    • I don’t think they moved away from the indie filmmaker, but from the DSLR indie filmmaker. In the end they created this market. Look at their 5D iterations. It’s a shame how little they implemented the things we need into their DSLR lines, like audio meters, waveform, focus zoom while shooting, better minimal sound (the sound is under aller sau). They put all of that stuff into their C100/300 but those are much bigger cameras that I didn’t want to carry around. Does this make sense to you?

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