In Depth Review: Sony a7Sii

post_thumbA few months ago I switched my entire camera system from Canon to Sony. I used to shoot on a Canon 5D Mark III and had a lot of Canon L lenses. But then slowly, surely, my Canon glass was falling apart. I also was unhappy with the way that Canon treated their DSLR line for filmmakers. They wanted us to buy the bigger cameras but I love shooting on small cameras and being unobtrusive.

Since then I found Sony to be a great camera maker especially if you are a filmmaker and love shooting on DSLRs. And I was especially thrilled that Sony was partnering with Zeiss to produce some of the most exciting glass.

When I made the switch I started with the a7S and then moved to the a7Rii. I compared both cameras and you can read my finding in this post here. A few weeks ago I received my a7Sii, the a7S successor. The main reason I bought it is because I wanted to see if the low light capabilities match the one of its predicessor the a7S. Additionally, I wanted to see if the difference in the sensors of the a7Rii and the a7Sii has an impact for us filmmakers and for whom each camera is designed.

In this blog post I go into detail and compare the a7Sii to the a7Rii. I address some of the most asked questions like, “Is a bigger sensor better for sharper images than a smaller one?” I test the rolling shutter that has plagued the a7S for so many years.  I look at the low light sensitivites between the two cameras and so much more.


  • Steve

    Schmuley, you’re such a mensch elf! I love your videos. Great information and great perspectives. Thanks for the laughs, too! By the way, asking your wife to come on gave us a fun new look at one of your other major Roles in life.

  • Steve, my pleasure.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Appreciate the good business tips. I noticed your address on your email is the address of a Lexus dealer in PA. Can you get me a deal on a car?

  • Thanks for sharing, I use Canon myself.