EF006: How To Distribute Your Film Successfully Using Ninja Distribution

Are you making a film right now? Or did you already produce one? Did you get it distributed or does it still hang out on the shelves and collect dust? This can be a super frustrating situation: You spent so much time and money getting your film made, and now it’s sitting there and collecting dust. One of the biggest issues in our filmmaking community is that we produce films with passion, but only a very small percentage of movies actually gets distributed, let alone makes money.


Jason and I have a blast 🙂

Today’s guest gives us amazing insights on how to work around and work WITH the film distribution system. We go into detail on how you can be better prepared, make smarter choices and leave your competition behind when it comes to successful film distribution.


Jason and I will show strategies that will grab the attention of film distributors and get them to sell your movie. We will show how you can make a huge splash and get your film to become known and famous by using internet tools. Jason will share with us tactics that help you to “presell” your movie. And last but not least, how to test the success of a movie and figure out if it’s even worth it to start making it before you even start production.

Topics we talk about:


02:00 Intro Jason Brubaker
04:40 Are you able to circumvent the general film distribution system?
06:45 How did you get the idea to put together film distribution and internet marketing?
09:30 What are the strategies to grab film distributors’ attention and getting them to sell your movie?
11:00 How do you use the internet in order to make a huge splash and get noticed with your movie?
12:45 Why and how should you use a crowdfunding campaign to test your film in the marketplace?
14:30 Why you should “make the sale first”, presell your movie and outpace your competition.
17:00 What are the pitfalls of crowd funding?
18:00 How do you market your movie on the internet?
21:15 How do you find the market that wants to buy your movie ?
22:15 “I’m an artist, I don’t care about marketing”.
23:45 Should I start on the “general” path or is there a shorter way in becoming a successful filmmaker?
27:00 Why you should fail rather fast and use the power of “failing forward”.
29:00 Why Jason went into distribution and what alternatives he found.
30:30 What does a success in distributing a film looks like; what can you expect?
33:00 How should you start to think about film distribution before you even start making the film?
36:00 How to become a star without asking anyone for permission.