SHORTS: How To Double Your Film Business with 3rd Party Validation Part 2

EF_investing_in_4kMost film & video pros miss really out on this opportunity. If you do not use this trick you probably loose out on half or your potential projects that come your way. You know, when we are looking to buy something we are looking what other people say about the product or service that we are about to purchase. The same happens when clients are looking forward to work with you, wether you are a DP, producer, editor, make up artist anyone servicing the film and video industry. But most of us don’t use this trick to eliminate buying and hiring hesitation. And I get this because when clients hire production companies or talents it is an investment that no none wants to loose. Especially when hired the first time.


I think this is the holy grail used by Amazon, Apple, B&H pretty much anyone who sells products or services. It’s called: Third party validation.
I have experimented this for my film business, tested it and share here with you what works in our industry to got the most results.

In this episode I show you the 6 – easy – steps I found that eliminate “hiring hesitation” so that your potential client is feeling confident and excited to go forward in using your services without getting buyers remorse.
If you didn’t watch Part 1 of this series hop over to the other post here and check out my number one strategic place for placing testimonials. This will change your amount of work dramatically.

  • Daniel Jankovic

    For the video testimonials, do you have your clients look into the camera or look off to the side at you?