How To Double Your Film Business With Testimonials Part 1


The toughest part in getting new clients is to get entrusted with a video project. I know, most of you have already a site, a portfolio where you show off your work and you might think that this is enough to have a potential client make a decision to choose you over other vendors to go ahead and entrusting you with the project. The problem is that 99% in the video field think like you. Now, what can you do differently to get ahead of them?

I get asked all the time: What would be your #1 hack to close deals quicker, overcome client adversity, mistrust and leave your competition behind. If I had to choose one this would be my choice: Client testimonials. Now, you might roll your eyes and say: Of course, everyone knows. Amazon uses them, consumer product sites uses them. But are you employing testimonials to convert up to 86% more of potential clients? Most of the sites I visit in the video and film industry don’t have them. What the marketing world discovered as the holy sales grail is snobbingly ignored in our industry. Shame.


In this episode I walk you through the three most common testimonial forms, their differences and the one you should pick to get ahead and convert more leads into clients and leave your competition behind. Far behind. Because most freelancers and production companies are most likely ignorant and think just having a portfolio is enough. Mitnichten.

Let me ask you. Are you using testimonials? How has it worked for you so far?