EF008: How To Become a Commercial Film Director From Scratch

You know I’m a big proponent of just starting, starting from scratch, from nothing. I hear often voices saying that this is bogus and that you have to get some education whether through film school or you have to work yourself up from low level positions. In today’s interview, my guest is commercial director and director of photography Mario Feil. He is the perfect example of someone who worked at a fashion retail company, offered his filmmaking skills to the company he was working for and worked himself up to become a commercial director creating high end commercial ads for Audi, Porsche and BASF to just mention a few. In short, he is an EntreFilmmaker.


Interviewing Mario Feil

Drilling Mario Feil With My Questions

In this episode we will drill deep in order to find out together how he did it. What tools he has been using, what career steps he took in order to go from ZERO to becoming a high-end director and cinematographer.


We will cover the following topics, just to mention a few:

The first 5 steps to get started in the film and video industry.
How to produce films for ad agencies.
How to create a spec commercial that will win you bigger jobs.
How to do time-lapse the right way
Should you go to film school or not?