Why FCPX Slays and Adobe Premiere Stinks

Got an email from a former colleague considering switching from Premiere to FCP:

Hi Shmuley,

Do you have a few minutes to schmooze on your thoughts/experiences about switching from Premiere to FCP? When it first came out, I remember all the editors I knew who were trained on FCP Studio were livid, but I’ve heard things have changed over the years, and your work is lovely.

Thanks so much,


Here was my response:
1. Premiere acts similar to FCP7.

2. FCPX is about 50% faster than Premiere or FCP7. And that is not based on computational power. It is based on the editing paradigm.

3. Render quality and output on the same machine can be multiple times faster in FCPX. I heard people even complain about unsolvable quality issues with their final movies in Premiere.

4. FCPX plug-in library and integration with Motion templates makes it not only faster to round-trip than Premiere+After-Effects, but the text engine and overall design philosophy is on the FCPX side way prettier than on Adobe. Compare it to the elegance between Mac & PC.

5. Premiere is way more expensive since they force you into a monthly retainer. Would be a total no-no for me, given that FCPX costs only $300 with everything.

6. The only time I would suggest Premiere is

a) If your editor doesn’t want at all to leave the editing paradigm that was established with FCP7 (which I think is a very inefficient one in today’s standards.)

b) If your main graphics are all super-customized and produced in After-Effects and need to have a good integration with other Adobe products

7.  We run a business, and so do you, and to just cut the clicks for using the application in half, will double your output. That’s what someone tested online. You can search for this video on Youtube. In general you have to click at least twice as much for the same functions in editing process than in FCPX.


8. I heard from some editors that if you edit in high-resolution like 4k, FCPX is much better optimized to play in real-time. (But I can’t guarantee for this – I just heard it.)

To sum it up, I have not heard one killer feature or advantage that would make me seriously consider switching over to Adobe Premiere editing.