How To Fly A Film Studio In One Suitcase

alt019Are you a filmmaker who travels occasionally or even a lot? Do you have to fly around doing video production for your clients or your production company? One of the challenges I face as a DP and filmmaker is that I am dependent on the gear that is available at the distant location that I travel to. Often my preferred gear like camera sliders and cranes aren’t available on the road, or are too expensive to rent for several days of shooting.
Beside all that, I like to use my own gear because I know it in and out. I know what professional results I can expect with it. I don’t want to compromise a project just because I might not have my, undamaged, familiar and high quality gear at the remote location.

What if you could fly around and bring a 3-point interview lighting kit, stands, audio gear, tripod, camera slider, camera crane, reflector, extension cords, and much more, and pack it all up in one suitcase?

What if you would be able to charge your clients a rental fee so that you can reinvest the money into our own gear? What if you could save your clients money by offering a competitive rental rate? What if you could save the client baggage fees because you travel with only one suitcase full of equipment instead of a handful of bags that cost extra?

(At the end of the video I cut in some weird bloopers)


I was thinking about this for quite some time. Making this blog cost me a lot of money and most filmmaker blogs finance their endeavor with advertising of gear that they review. Something doesn’t sit right with me about that. How can someone review a piece of equipment and be honest and unbiased at the same time if the same piece of gear shows up as an ad on the side bar? Therefore I decided to find other ways and gave up advertising any gear I review in order to preserve my integrity. This way, I’m able to be independent and give you my full, unbiased and honest opinion. Does this sound fair?


Now watch the video. When you are done I would love to know some of your tips and hacks for when you travel. Please leave them below in the comment section. And lastly, don’t forget to subscribe so I can send you email updates ONLY.