SHORTS: How To Price Yourself Right & Not Lose $1000 Every Time

Have you ever asked yourself how to price yourself right?
Do you feel that you should get paid better for the amazing work
you do?
Does talking with your clients about budgets and money makes
you feel uncomfortable?

In this video post I address two of the most important concerns
that freelance people in the video and film industry have:

How do I price my services right and not lose constantly $1000 or more?

See, I learned the hard way. For years I didn’t know about these simple tricks,
and I attribute my near-bankruptcy in 2009 to not knowing this.
I was half a month away from living on the street, with my marriage hanging on by a shoestring,
with 3 kids under the age of 3 to support.


This was such a traumatic experience that I swore never to be in
such a place again.

Therefore I try to find every little nitty gritty hack to optimize my
business. This trick I found two years ago and it prevented me from
losing literally thousands of dollars.


Listen, I’m not suggesting that you take advantage of your clients.
You should always have their best interest in mind.
You want to be compensated fairly without breaking the bankof your clients.

This will help you get on track to make the money you deserve
without losing out a little bit here and a little bit there, having it all add up to a lot.


P.S.What challenges have you experienced regarding pricing?


  • Haha. I loved this video. Great advice!

  • entrefilmmaker

    Thank you, Brittany.

  • John


  • Very good; enjoyable, fun and great advice. I had actually been rounding down my numbers to sound “nicer” or something. I will certainly stop doing THAT! I look forward to more videos.

  • entrefilmmaker

    Stuart, thanks for being a reader. Great that this instantly helped you to make more money.

  • Thanks Shmuel, loved the video. Tips were great, very helpful…and your daughter was a scene stealer!

  • entrefilmmaker

    Hey Phil. Thanks for the compliment. You are the reason why I do this. If your business grows because of those practical tips I share here my job is done and I feel even more motivated to deliver more super useful content.

  • Really good advice and you are a riot on camera, sir.
    Thanks for beautifully blending both aspects.

  • entrefilmmaker

    Hey Steve, my pleasure. Let me know if you have any idea what else we should cover here.

  • John

    Mozeltov (sp?) on the birth of your daughter.