Unbiased Gear Review: DJI Ronin M

post_thumbYou know, the holy grail of shooting professionally in general is to create footage that is stunningly lit and the camera movements are smooth and innovative. In the past you had to use gliders, dollies, steadicam and glide cams in order to get those results. When using steadicams it could take up to 10 min. after you changed the lens on your camera to rebalance the rig. After a while I wasn’t using my own steadicam anymore because of this delay. Have you ever had to balance the rig and your crew is staring at you wondering when you are gonna ready to shoot again?

Then about two years ago came out the first electronic stabilizers called MOVI that promised great simplification in use and balancing the rig with the promise of super smooth camera movements. The problem was that it was expensive and the stabilizers were still heavy. Over 10 lbs. for the rig alone. Add camera and lenses and you wish you would still own your steadicam with a supportive vest.

Now, fast forward. DJI just released the brand new
Ronin-M electronic stabilizer. On paper they seem to have accomplished the impossible: a stabilizer that weighs only 5 lbs. but, better yet the whole rig would cost läppische $1400? Including a remote control that lets you operate the camera movement separately? Too good to be true, I thought, and I purchased this thing in order to put it through a rigorous test and assessment for you.

Right out of the gate when I received the
Ronin-M I shot a commercial ad for a start up company the next day. I’ll give you an honest review how this rig performed in a real life scenario and I’ll show you the results it produced. I’ll answer 2 questions for you:

1. How was the overall production value using this stabilizer
2. Even at such a low price, is it worth the investment compared with what you get out of it?

So, without further ado here is EntreFilmmaker’s first gear review video. Have fun.



  • Ra’anan

    Shemuely, ridiculously excellent product analysis. But you go one step further & give good advice. BTW, you have a uncanny ability to NOT bore as a talking head. I apologize for not yet seeing your last clip. I guess I should be apologizing to MYSELF as well! You are doing pro shooters a tremendous favour, thanks again!!!

  • Ra’anan. Thanks for your kind words. What else would you like me to review here?

    • I had the original Ronin and loved it – but it was too heavy. Since then I’ve purchased a full body arm and the Devin Graham Glidecam (love it for the organic shot) and the Zhiyun Crane 2 (for the gimbal shots). Kinda regret not keeping the original Ronin but have loved how compact the Crane 2 is when packed up.

      Are you using any new gimbals?
      Your video friend in Minnesota

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