EF007: How To Get Profitable Clients With “Super-Niching”

Since I started EntreFilmmaker a few months ago, so many filmmakers and video pros write me over and over again how they are either frantically looking for work, or are simply out of business. They say they have to work side jobs like waiting tables or at working at Walmart for minimum wage. I’m not kidding you. This really pains me because I think since the social media explosion, the need for video has trippled. No video person in this day and age should be out of work.So, how can it be that people don’t make ends meet in such a lucrative market like film and video production?


Thomas and I are getting ready for a King – Fu fight.

In this EntreFilmmaker MasterSeries Episode I got all the cool hacks from one of the top super – niche filmmakers. In this video he will walk us through his process in finding a moneymaking super – niche. He shares where to find the most lucrative clients and how to get them to choose you as their go-to person for all their video advertising needs.

His super – niche is so “thin” that he has virtually no competition in making multiple 6-figures. Wouldn’t it be cool if you would work on projects with budgets that make challenging and fun film production possible?

Let’s do this.

A little secret I haven’t told you yet: Before I came to the US a few years ago, I was 1/2 month away from the street. No kidding. I had (still have!) a wife and 3 (now 4!) kids, and couldn’t make enough money in order to pay the bills. Embarrassingly enough, my parents-in-law had to give us money to fly us to the US in order to start anew. I felt so ashamed, man. I can’t tell you. Here in the US I had to learn the filmmaking business from the ground up again.


Thanks to such inspiring people like Thomas Roberts and their generous advice, I was able to teach myself how to get out of the hole, and tested everything in the real world. Gd bless America. It’s really a place where you can go from being in the red to being in the black so quickly.

So, I want to encourage you to not give up. I will do my best to share here the most relevant stuff from this interview that will get you up and running. No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced pro. Scout’s honor.

Here are the topics we touch upon:

2:01 How did you get started in filmmaking?
3:55 How did you find a lucrative super – niche?
4:35 How did you know it’s the right super – niche for you?
6:30 How can you get clients on your terms?
8:00 Why you should get a mentor today.
10:10 Meet your career goals with this little trick.
11:55 Where can we get high-paying clients?
13:30 What’s so special about your “business card hack” that generates a lot of new leads?
15:00 How to outsmart your filmmaking competitors and be the big fish in the pond.
15:40 How to cold-email a CEO and get a nearly 100% response. (Psycho Hack!)
17:00 How to find your most lucrative clients and how to keep them.
18:15 How do you close deals with an indecisive client?
19:00 Where to find phone numbers & emails of big-time CEO’s and decisionmakers all in one shot?
19:45 How do you find the “big” budget clients?
20:30 Networking meetings suck and don’t really work.
21:30 How to network the right way.
24:20 How do you move from a super-niche on to bigger and better-paying stuff?
25:45 What would you do differently if you could start all over again?

  • Larry Vaughn

    Good ideas. I ordered the book suggested.

  • entrefilmmaker

    So cool. Great to have you here on board.

  • Gotta say I was initially skeptical about this video. Being an industry veteran for 30 years I have heard a lot of different schemes to promote and “make it big”. The comment about the DP that was just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring hit home. No matter how good your reel is, how good your reputation is, if you don’t keep marketing you will be forgotten. Got me off my ass!

    • WHy does my sisters photo keep showing up?? I helped set up her word press account. Doh!

  • entrefilmmaker

    Hey Dan,

    thats funny with your sister 🙂
    I’m glad the post kept you moving, yeahhh. Because I do those shows in order to get people where they want to be. You know, I experienced in my business a lot to feel alone. I always thought: Its just me. I can’t figure it out. But then I heard other filmmakers expressing something similar and thats where I said: Enough, lets build this sucker 🙂
    Glad to have you on here.

    • Thanks, got my gravatar changed! Look forward to viewing the rest of the videos and participating.