How To Get An Unlimited Return Policy For Your Film & Photo Equipment

post_thumbYou and I are probably one way or another equipment nerds, right? We search for the greatest and best video and film equipment gear. Spend hours to first find the right camera, lens, hard drive and then we spend another couple hours to find the best deal.

Truth is, often a piece of equipment looks great on paper and even might have great reviews, but there is nothing close to holding the item and using it in a professional settings. A lot of stuff can be discovered on your first few shoots, but other problems can only be discovered once you have been shooting a bit or a specific situation occurs that doesn’t always happen at every shoot. (See Exhibit A below the fold.)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there would be a way to be able to return an item indefinitely? Most stores and online retailers have a return policy that usually ranges from 14-30 days. Maybe if you’re lucky, a bit longer. But especially in the gear space, it’s a rather shorter return period than – let’s say – buying shoes from Zappos (that gives you an unlimited return policy by default).

Now, by accident I stumbled over a crazy trick that lets you do exactly that: get an unlimited return policy for all your gear and equipment purchases. Your gear gets basically extra insurance.


Exhibit A:
Such a thing happened to me with my DJI Osmo X5 that broke so far more then three times and I only discovered it months later.

Now, I sent in stuff for repair under warranty but especially in the case with DJI, my stuff would be returned un-repaired. So, I lost already thousands of dollars because I had to buy my drones over and over since I never bothered to send them in for repair again. That can be rather costly and not everyone has the means to just easily replace broken equipment.

A word of caution:
I urge you not to abuse this trick and don’t tell anyone else. See, if a critical mass of people knows about this, then there are always people who might abuse it, which might have the consequence of a change in Amazon’s policies. I want this to be around for us pros only, and we are usually more responsible than like the average consumer who gets really nitpicky about absolute sharpness of his Canon 50mm f1.2 copy and exchanges it like 10 times.