Money Hacks for Film and Video Pros

Money Hacks for Film and Video Pros

0015The False Promise Behind Unpaid Film Projects

When I started out making films I didn’t know exactly how to deal with the following situation: A potential client would contact me and ask: “Can you do such and such project for me free of charge and as soon as we have money we will hire you for the next “real” production? With money and budget.” That sounded like a good deal. Especially when you are desperate for jobs.

freelancer_price_yourself_rightHow To Price Yourself Right & Not Lose $1,000 Every Time

Have you ever asked yourself how to price yourself right? Do you feel that you should get paid better for the amazing work you do? Does talking with your clients about budgets and money makes
you feel uncomfortable?

shmuley_hoffman_entrefilmmakerHow to Choose the Right Pricing Strategy

Everything we do, like which agreements we set up with our clients, what we say, and what we agree to, defines the future of that specific relationship. And once you set it up in a way that is to your disadvantage, it’s difficult to course-correct this after the fact.

0008How to Charge A Non-Profit Client

In this episode of EntreFilmmaker I will answer this question and examine what stance you can take. There is a great way of educating your clients so that they don’t feel they are just throwing out money. When you let them know that this  is rather an investment, and how  they benefit from it in the long run, it changes the whole perception. It’s all about perception.  There is actually a mathematical formula  that you can apply in order to figure out what your clients should be paying in order to sell more of their stuff.

0016Never Go In Debt.

Today I want to talk about a very sensitive topic. I’m sure everyone experienced one way or another to be in debt. Either having a student loan, credit cards that are not paid off, car payments, you name it. In this EntreFilmmaker episode I talk about why debt is a bad thing for business and how you can prevent it. Additionally I give you a little tip how you can start your own filmmaking business by getting your first (paid) client.

0015How I Got My Overdraft Fees Removed. Live Demonstration

I showed you technically how you can get your bank, credit card or any other penalty fees removed. If you didn’t watch the video post yet, HERE you have another chance to get it.