Never Go Into Debt. Even Not For Business. Here Is Why.

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Today I want to talk about a very sensitive topic. Iā€™m sure everyone experienced one way or another to be in debt.
Either having a student loan, credit cards that are not paid off, car payments, you name it.
In this EntreFilmmaker episode I talk about why debt is a bad thing for business and how you can prevent it. Additionally I give you a little tip how you can start your own filmmaking business by getting your first (paid)


  • I couldn’t agree more.

    It is so much easier to negotiate when you don’t need the clients money. When we first started out and had no cash flow, we would constantly shoot ourselves in the foot taking on projects for WAY less money than we should have (which just perpetuated the cycle).

    Now that we have a client base and are’nt desperate for money, it is so much easier and more comfortable to charge what we should be.

    Great advice!

  • entrefilmmaker

    Excellent. I’m glad you found a way of making the business happening.

  • Ra’anan

    Drop the bad words, it doesn’t add to your credibility & neither does your grotesque spitting.
    You don’t have to be perceived as a “bad boy” so that people will listen to you. You have credibility w/me DESPITE these. I like the jump shots to signal “aside remarks.” I like your edgy, almost impatient “anger” out of concern, it conveys an urgency that we need to hear. I like the solid advice. This is almost like a motivational pep talk & that’s good. I would have liked to hear what that 20-50% you put back into your business went into in detail. best, Ra’anan

  • entrefilmmaker

    I will probably go in details in the future in what to invest and what made sense to me. Reg. your criticism. Thats who I am, at least for that episode. I’m ok if you don’t want to join here because of it šŸ™‚ Won’t be mad at you. Love you, brother.

  • Michelle L

    business is going well could be a lot better, i need to learn SEO etc but i do feel desperate becaue i am up past my eyeballs in debt. im sure clients do pick up on it, i am trying to dig out but it is so stressful