How To Sell Your Used Video & Photo Gear Profitably

As you know from my most recent posts and emails, I’ve been buying a bunch of new equipment lately. When I purchase new equipment, a good rule of thumb is to get rid of an older piece we no longer plan on using, right? Otherwise, we’re just collecting gear that just collects dust. And gear that isn’t being used is just money sitting around. So how should we go about it to sell it on the used market? Ebay? Craigslist? Which one yields more profits?

Just today I sold a camera for $850 that I purchased over eight months ago for $950. That is basically like buying a camera that is worth $950 for only $100, since I got almost the full purchase price back when I resold it! Pretty amazing, no?

In this video, I share with you the tricks that gets me as much money back as I possibly can out of my used gear. I’ll walk you through how to write the item description that people will be wanting to buy from you like crazy, how to get your item seen by hundreds of people and last but not least what psychological tricks you can use that your used gear will sell for almost the new purchase price.
What do you do with your used gear, and what kind of success have you had in reselling? I’d love to hear what has worked for you, or what hasn’t.

  • Jean Stair

    Hmm, gotta use the tricks. But I am not sure if I will be able to get even half of what I originally paid for my RED system. 🙁