SHORTS: How To Get Your Wasted Time Back With The Click of a Button

post_thumbDo you you have goals? Are you an over achiever? Are you working overtime on your career? One of my biggest challenges is not having enough time for all the things that I want to do. I have a family with 4 kids, running a film production company, I blog, podcast and serve G-d. Now the problem is that I try to optimize my time as best as I can. Really. I shave off every unnecessary item in my life. But more often then not I’m bugged with all the tedious repetitive minute tasks like replying to the same questions that I get in emails and the associated tasks with it. Tell me honestly, how often do you wish you could just press a button and you would be done with the “busy” work that gets thrown at you on a daily basis?

In this episode I walk you through a hack that I discovered recently that get’s me back a lot of lost time with the click of a button. For real. Some of you might do this already but I think I brought this trick to the next level.
And I use it every day.

How do you shave off lost time on a daily basis? Do you have a hack that you could share that might have similar fast and effective results as this one here? Let me know in the comments.