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EF006: How To Distribute Your Film Successfully Using Ninja Distribution

Are you making a film right now? Or did you already produce one? Did you get it distributed or does it still hang out on the shelves and collect dust? This can be a super frustrating situation: You spent so much time and money getting your film made, and now it’s sitting there and collecting dust. One of the biggest issues in our filmmaking community is that we produce films with passion, but only a very small percentage of movies actually gets distributed, let alone makes money.


Jason and I have a blast 🙂

Today’s guest gives us amazing insights on how to work around and work WITH the film distribution system. We go into detail on how you can be better prepared, make smarter choices and leave your competition behind when it comes to successful film distribution.

The False Promise Behind Unpaid Film Projects

When I started out making films I didn’t know exactly how to deal with the following situation: A potential client would contact me and ask: “Can you do such and such project for me free of charge and as soon as we have money we will hire you for the next “real” production? With money and budget.” That sounded like a good deal. Especially when you are desperate for jobs.

I did this a few times in the hope of getting those “real” projects but it was funny looking back. I never ever experienced that those clients would come back. Meaning to say those clients never got back to me with those “real” paid projects. Why?
I kept wondering if there was something wrong with me or if I didn’t do a good job. Till I discovered a pattern.
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How To Do Film Location Scouting For Free

Man, we are excited when we get a new cool project, right? First we close the deal, get our deposit check and now its time for pre – production.
One of the early steps in Pre is to find the right locations you want to shoot in. Usually you would either do a rough search on the web or send a producer or assistant out in the jungle in order to find the right location.
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Never Go Into Debt. Even Not For Business. Here Is Why.

Hi there,entrefilmmaker_no_debt_ever

Today I want to talk about a very sensitive topic. I’m sure everyone experienced one way or another to be in debt.
Either having a student loan, credit cards that are not paid off, car payments, you name it.
In this EntreFilmmaker episode I talk about why debt is a bad thing for business and how you can prevent it. Additionally I give you a little tip how you can start your own filmmaking business by getting your first (paid)
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