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How To Double Your Film Business With Testimonials Part 1


The toughest part in getting new clients is to get entrusted with a video project. I know, most of you have already a site, a portfolio where you show off your work and you might think that this is enough to have a potential client make a decision to choose you over other vendors to go ahead and entrusting you with the project. The problem is that 99% in the video field think like you. Now, what can you do differently to get ahead of them?

I get asked all the time: What would be your #1 hack to close deals quicker, overcome client adversity, mistrust and leave your competition behind. If I had to choose one this would be my choice: Client testimonials. Now, you might roll your eyes and say: Of course, everyone knows. Amazon uses them, consumer product sites uses them. But are you employing testimonials to convert up to 86% more of potential clients? Most of the sites I visit in the video and film industry don’t have them. What the marketing world discovered as the holy sales grail is snobbingly ignored in our industry. Shame. Read more..