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How To Build The Filmmaker’s Treadmill Desk (For Under $302)

alt019In my last video post I shared with you the study that professionals who sit all day long in their offices will die up to 5 years earlier than regular folks. (Who are regular folks, actually?)

I think that, as filmmakers and video pros, we need to stay super-healthy and fit, right? We maneuver cameras, run around on set, and yell at actors. We need a lot of focus when we have to edit our shows. But sitting all day long will rapidly deteriorate our bodies. Richard Branson says our wealth deteriorates with our health.

Today I want to show you an amazing solution that not only saves you lots of money, but also keeps you fit and healthy.
I would go even so far as to say that it cuts out my extra time that I would have had to spend in the gym.
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