How To Use 6-Figure Body Language

post_thumbWe as filmmakers and video pros have to hustle a lot in order to get great projects. And, great projects usually cost a lot of money. Whether you are going out to raise funds or you have to convince clients to entrust you with an expensive video project, it’s important that you have the skill and knowledge on how to talk to people and convince them to entrust you with these big projects and budgets.

Now, the myth is that people think being persuasive and closing big deals is a born talent.
In this video I prove otherwise.

howI2Negotiating and convincing people is rather a skill that you can learn in the same way you
learned how to shoot, edit or direct.

Beyond creative talent and skills, knowing how to use the right body language can differentiate the winners from the losers. Films require money, money comes from people and people only give money to people they like and that exude confidence in their ability to deliver. Therefore, the only way to be a successful film and video pro is to be aware and to tactically use the way you come across to people to exude that confidence and gain their trust.

In this video, I’ll  share with you how you can use body language to appear more confident even if you are nervous or anxious. I go into detail on how you can use the right posture to convince people to entrust you with big projects and money. And, I’ll show you how you can decode whether someone is telling the truth or not.

I’d love for you to share with me what posture and body language you have used in the past to persuade people and win clients.