Gift For VideoToday Listeners


Gift For VideoToday Listeners

So cool that you stopped by. I had so much fun to to talk with Steve. He is such an amazing guy. I learned a lot from him and I really look up to him because he has so much experience in what he does. As promised here are all the resources for what we talked about. Hope this helps you.

How To Double Your Video Business With Testimonials Part 1

Here are the tutorials on how to use the best strategies to double your business with the help of testimonials. Part 1 is all about how to testimonials effectively on your website and portfolio.

How To Double Your Video Business With 3rd Party Validation Part 2

In Part 2 I’ll walk you through the other strategic places I use to place effectively testimonials that help to seal my lead into a paying client.

Resources or (only use if you want to try it out or are unsure about your career path)
Client questionnaire 
Project proposal
Project invoice
Madmimi email service (affiliate)
MailChimp email service
– Mini course “How To Attract Clients Online” – Slides


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